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Hair Loss After COVID? You’re Likely Suffering from COVID-Related Alopecia

WHAT IS IT?   Hair loss associated with current or recent COVID-19 infection. The pattern, timing, severity, and recovery from COVID-related alopecia varies widely. Clinical studies have recently identified hair loss syndromes that may be risk factors for COVID-19 infection, triggered by COVID-19 infection or aggravated by COVID-19 infection. Much more...

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Are You Suffering from Hair Loss? Learn WHY from our #HairLossSpotlight

Struggling with her own hair loss journey pushed our co-founder, Alisa, to study trichology! After graduating from the National Trichology Training Institute, she is now a certified trichologist and trichology instructor operating our new Hair Restoration and Wellness Center! What is a trichologist?  A trichologist (try·kaa·luh·jist) is a specialist who practices...

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