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My Experience: Healthcare (Physician Assistant) and Public Health (Masters in public health, Epidemiologist) for 30 yrs; Army Reserve veteran, Certified Trichologist and Trichology Instructor; Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation

What I Love Most About Myself: I never stop striving for improvement.

My Favorite Natural Ingredient: cocoa butter because it smells like my favorite dessert!


My Experience: Formulator, Organic Skincare Formulation course
What I Love Most About Myself: I love learning new things.
Favorite Natural Ingredient: Mango butter because it’s flexible.

The Agape Body and Soul brand is more than just a business…it is a calling.

The products and services of Agape Body and Soul Corporation reflect God‘s love in the way we care for our bodies, our souls and each other.

The word AGAPE in Greek means love, not a superficial, emotion-based love which is conditional; AGAPE love signifies God’s pure, unadulterated, unexplainable, and unwarranted love towards all of us.

God gives His love as a gift; we cannot buy it or earn it or repay Him for the gift of love. Our only possible response to this gift is to pass on God’s love to others in a tangible way, through our products and services.

What inspired us to start AGAPE Body and Soul?

We’re glad you asked.

You see, Alisa (Mom) retired from healthcare after 35 years.

Jessica (daughter) is a trained chef.

We’ve lived, we’ve served, and we’ve loved each other.

Together, we believe that EVERYONE deserves to love every part of their natural selves.

We’ve made a home in Phoenix, Arizona for over two decades; this is a place known for its extremely dry and hot climate and hard water. We have both faced skin and hair loss challenges and, after much trial and error, we turned to nature to find solutions for our problems.

Bringing our skillsets together in our family kitchen, AGAPE Body and Soul was born! Using the natural ingredients we’ve grown to love, we’ve formulated safe products that will nourish your skin and hair.

In 2021, we’ve added professional trichology services to assist with more complicated hair loss issues.

We’ve dedicated countless hours of training, formulating, and testing to bring you the highest quality products and services AND to share information we have learned along the way to help you in your journey…because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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