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Our Best Selling Body Butters!

Body butters are made from the solid fats, minerals and other nutrients that are extracted from plant seeds (we use shea, mango, cocoa and kokum) combined with carrier and essential oils.

Body butter is used to lock in moisture, nourish and lubricate and can be applied almost anywhere on the body. Only specific formulas should be applied to face or scalp, however, to avoid clogged pores/follicles. Because body butters do not contain water, they are thicker in consistency than creams or lotions and typically last longer as well.

Use: Apply immediately after bath or shower while skin is still damp (just pat dry) take a nickel-sized dollop of body butter and melt it by rubbing it in your palms then massage deeply into your skin. Repeat until covered, paying special attention to knees, elbows and feet. Take your time … our body butter collection is designed to make you fall in love with your skin!

We use the highest quality, plant-based raw materials, and we never add chemicals like preservatives or colors. We make small batches to ensure we ship the freshest products possible.


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