Agape Body and Soul


I purchased the two items for my daughter and she loves it. It has done wonders for her skin. Had I known how great the product would work for her I would’ve ordered way more. We can’t find the facial/body bar on line but would really REALLY like to purchase more.

Toni D

I like to know that you research about natural products to enhance your body’s health. keep up!

Martha Luz

Great cumulative effect on my skin, not ashy or dry after showering

Product tester

Spreadable and very moisturizing

Product Tester

In “like” with it, I like the little tingle I feel, I felt a pimple starting, so, let’s see how this

Product Tester

Because it was for sensitive skin I didn’t expect a lot of fragrance. That part was good! The
application was wonderful especially when you put it on damp skin.

Product Tester

This product has no aroma or odor, felt good, light, easy to apply

Product tester

For years, I’ve struggled to find the right type of lotion products to hydrate my skin. I have found JOY in the Agape Body and Soul products, but especially great results with the Sweet Dreams Lotion Bar. It is my absolute go-to because it doesn’t leave me oily, I never have to worry about reapplying once it’s on, and the smell lasts all day long! As a traveler, it’s incredibly easy to transport. I want to buy this for everyone!

Keiona Eady

I have been using these products for years. What made me use them as my only choice for lotion and soap (or overall skincare), was when my newborn baby came along. I used the goat milk bar soaps that were sold at the time and the cocoa butter lotion when she started to develop severe dry skin. It helped soothe her skin when she had bug bites, rashes, scrapes or bruises or any skin irritation. And she is almost two years old now! Her skin stays soft, moisturized, and free of chemical additives. My only choice for my family and great gifts for other mamas and their little ones.

Sheena A.

Love their hair care products!


Great products. Highly recommend!

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