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Welcome to the Hair Restoration and Wellness Center

It’s simple- we want you to LOVE your hair.

Our WHY:

If you have suffered from hair loss, our co-founder Alisa has too!

When her hair loss began, Alisa sought out help from many different avenues and was not able to find a cause or a solution. Feeling helpless, frustrated, and increasingly self-conscious forced her back into the classroom to become a Certified Trichologist; a practitioner who specializes in hair and scalp disorders. Today, Alisa uses the skills she has learned, paired with 30+ years in healthcare practice, to assist those who have experienced hair loss or simply wish to maintain their healthy mane.

At our Hair Restoration and Wellness Center, we evaluate and treat disorders of the hair and scalp using non-invasive methods and plant-based products. We identify the root cause of hair/scalp disorders and employ an holistic approach with 3,6, and 9 month treatment plans and post-treatment maintenance schedules.

Just want to keep your hair healthy and/or enhance growth? We’ve got you covered with our plant-based hair maintenance regimen! We will serve you with an initial evaluation, then develop a long-term plan that addresses the scalp environment, follicle and hair strand strength/growth stimulation and overall nutritional wellness.


At our Phoenix-based office or Virtual Consultations available!

On-Site Hair Loss Evaluations

30 or 90 minute, one-on-one, private visit with our Certified Trichologist who will perform a detailed history, hair and scalp examination and specialized tests to identify and treat hair loss issues.

Virtual Hair Loss Consultations

30 or 75 min private video conference designed to dive deeply into your history to identify the cause of hair loss issues and develop specific holistic solutions to meet your goals.


Agape Body and Soul Hair Restoration and Wellness Center
(Located Inside Brownstone Spa)
2601 N 3rd St Suite 305
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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